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The Great Climate Quiz

20 Oct 2020

Yellowspot provides game technology and light decoration for “The Great Climate Quiz”.

During the National Climate Weeks, the NPO comes up with the accessible, humorous The Great Climate Kw. The kwis that gives insight into what you can do for the climate yourself.

We are overloaded with violent news reports about disastrous climate developments, which sometimes means that we can no longer see the forest through the trees. That’s why Human comes during the National Climate Weeks with the accessible, humorous The great climate kwis. The kwis that gives insight into what you can do yourself. Harm Edens tests the knowledge of Pieter Derks, Jörgen Raymann, Dyantha Brooks, Rayen Panday, Merel Westrik and Francis van Broekhuizen on climate change. In two teams they play the kwis with questions about food and drink, housekeeping and transport. Anna Gimbrère gives us a brief on the latest innovations and research and gives us tips on how to contribute practically to a better climate.

The Climate Agreement agreed that CO2 emissions in the Netherlands should be halved by 2030 compared to 1990. Many Dutch people already use economical electrical appliances or have switched to LED lighting, separate their waste and live in a well-insulated house. The six panelists are also taking steps to contribute to a better environment. Especially for the programme, they have made a week-long effort to live as climate neutral as possible. Did that work? What did they do before that?

Harm Edens: “We must quickly make a better world together. And at home, we can do more than we think. So go look and be inspired. And it’s going to be fun and exciting too!” At the end of the kwis, viewers at home can test the extent to which they are aware of important climate change issues and get tips on what they can do to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible. The viewers and panelists compete for the same prize: who will be allowed to plant their own forest? The major climate kwis is a co-production of Human and NewBe, CCCP and POSVIDEO.

Saturday 24 October at 21:40