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The Friends of Amstel Live 2020

17 Jan 2020

On behalf of Stagebrothers, Yellowspot has equipped the once again spectacular stage of The Friends of Amstel Live 2020 with RGB LED lighting.

photography: Nathan Reinds

The applied LED lighting includes 186 flanges that are provided by us with RGB neon flex LED. We have also manufactured the rings of the DJ booth, we have supplied the amstel brewery text with our RGB LED strips and we have manufactured custom AMSTEL tap luminaires.

The whole is controlled by our high-quality control equipment and delivered in such a way that the operator on site can immediately work with it without any problems.

source: The Friends of Amstel Live (youtube)

The Friends of Amstel LIVE! started on 15 January 1998 under the title De Heeren van Amstel LIVE!, which is also the name of the first recording location: a typical Dutch brown café on thorbeckeplein in Amsterdam. The first season the program was presented by Barry Hay, then it was taken over by Manuëla Kemp, followed by Ellen ten Damme and Daphne Bunskoek. Later, Xander de Buisonjé took over the presentation. The title of the programme was changed to The Friends of Amstel LIVE, so as not to give the impression that only gentlemen perform and because the program was later also recorded in other cafes elsewhere in the country. The largest pub in the Netherlands has opened its doors in Ahoy Rotterdam since 1999. Since 2010, organiser Amstel bier has been working with producer Tribe Company. In 17 years, the event has become a leading music event in the Netherlands in which all kinds of different music styles come together with surprising collaborations between artists and spectacular sets with special effects. In addition to De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE, the series De Helden van Amstel LIVE!was launched in 2010. Dutch artists sing songs by artists and bands that inspired them in the music, their heroes.

source: wikipedia