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The Biggest Quiz

24 Dec 2019

We have provided the set of “The Biggest Quiz” on behalf of EndemolShine with bespoke light decoration. This includes LED lighting of extremely high quality.

We have also been able to provide the game technology, including the locks and sensors on the vaults in this exciting game.

On New Year’s Day 2020, Beau van Erven Dorens be presenting ‘Postcode Lottery The Biggest Quiz’, an exciting game show in which candidates have a chance to win a stake of no less than five million euros. By opening the right vaults, participants can collect, cash in, or lose large amounts of money. Who has the right knowledge and the strongest strategic insight to take home the top prize? There will be a live switch to the presentation of the Postcode Kanjer of 54.7 million euros. ‘Postcode Lottery The Biggest Quiz’ can be seen on Wednesday 1 January 2020 at 20.30 on RTL 4.

In the studio, Beau plays an interactive game with the six best candidates from the grandstand. By answering multiple choice questions correctly and opening the associated vaults, the candidates collect large sums of money. But if you answer wrong, you will find a dense vault with all the consequences that entails. After an exciting waste race, one finalist remains, who has a chance to win the top prize of more than five million euros. During the studio games, Beau switches a number of times live to Caroline Tensen and Winston Gerschtanowitz, who hand out the Postcode Kanjer of 54.7 million euros somewhere in the Netherlands.

Source: RTL